XML:Wrench :: How-To transform XML using XSL

Transforming XML with XSL

To do this you must have already created an XSL style-sheet and the XML file that is to be transformed should be open in the editor. Click on the transform button or select Transform from the Tools menu. A dialog is displayed.

screen-shot of Transform Dialog

Use this to set or change the style sheet you want to use. This can either be a file on disk or a style sheet already opened in the editor. Open XSL style sheets are displayed in a drop down list.

You can also specify the file-type of the file that is going to be created. This will usually be XML or HTML but you might occasionally want to use other options.

Clicking on OK, will generate the new file and open it on a new page in the editor window.

If the transform fails for some reason, you should first check that both the XML and XSL are valid files. See How-to check XML files.