XML:Wrench :: How-To create or open files

To use XML:Wrench as a text editor, you need to be able to create a new file or open an existing file.

Creating a new file


new file dialog

Select the type of file you want to create from the drop-down list. This could be XML, HTML, CSS, plain text or one of many other formats. You can optionally set the name of the file at this point.

Instead of always starting with a blank page, XML:Wrench allows you to base your new file on an existing template. Use the bottom selection box for this. The choice of template files will depend on the type of file you have chosen to create.

Opening a file

You can use XML:Wrench to edit existing files. Select File|Open... from the menu or click on the 'Open' button. This will display a standard Windows open file dialog. If you are running Windows XP it looks something like:

open file dialog

Select the file you want to open and press OK.

Opening a file from an FTP server

XML:Wrench allows you to open files on an FTP server in much the same way as you would open files on your local computer. Select File|Open FTP... from the main menu.

open FTP file dialog

You need to know the host or domain name of the ftp server. This might be something like 'ftp.mydomain.com'. You will also need to provide a user name and password. XML:Wrench remembers these details for FTP servers that you have used recently.

To browse the FTP server you need to click on the 'Connect' button. This will then display the base folder on the server. Select the file you want to open and press 'OK'.

Opening a file from a web-site

XML:Wrench can also retrieve a file for you direct from a web-site. Select File|Open Web page... from the menu.

open web page dialog

You need to type in the exact URL of the page to be retrieved. This is as it appears in the Address bar of your web browser. This feature can also be used to retrieve other text files, eg CSS or javascript, from a web site.