XML:Wrench :: How-To install XML:Wrench


Installation should be a fairly straightforward. The first step is to visit the XML:Wrench websiteexternal link and get the latest version. Go to the 'Downloadexternal link' section and select the install program.

Once downloaded run the install program. You have the option to decide where the program is installed. After the install program has finished you can start XML:Wrench from the Programs menu.


You can upgrade your installation at any time. Get the latest version from the websiteexternal link, as described above, and install it.

The install program will normally try to install it over any existing copy of XML:Wrench thereby automatically upgrading to the newest version.


Obviously we hope no one will ever want to do this! However, should you decide that XML:Wrench is not for you, you can un-install it. use the Add/Remove programs option that is part of Windows. (Exact location varies in WindowsNT and Windows98 it's under the Settings|Control Panel ).

This will remove as much of XML:Wrench as it can. However any files you have created or modified will remain in the xmlwrench folder. If you no longer want these it is safe to simply delete all these folders.