XML:Wrench :: How-To configure XML:Wrench

You can configure global options in XML:Wrench. These will affect the appearance and behaviour of the program at all times.

You can also set up options individually for each different type of file that you might edit. These 'file-type' options only come into effect when editing a file of that particular type. The options for each file-type are described here.

To change your configuration click on the 'Edit' menu and then select 'Configuration options...'. A dialog will be displayed with three separate tabbed pages.

Editor Options

Screen-shot of Configure Dialog

On the editor options page you can select the colours for the background, text, gutter and right margin. You can also specify font style and size.


Screen-shot of Configure Dialog

The Keyboard page allows you to assign certain keystrokes to particular commands in XML:Wrench. You might use this to assign function keys or control keys to specific tasks.

The current mappings of function to keyboard are listed. Select an item to edit or delete. You can also add new entries. There are two kinds of commands. Application commands are roughly equivalent to the options available on the main menu. These are prefixed with xw. Editor commands are prefixed with ec and include most of the things you might want to do within the editor window.


Screen-shot of Configure Dialog

The File-types page lists the currently known types. You can edit these, delete entries or add new entries. You can also change the order, in which the types are listed.

For more information on editing or creating new file-types, see the next section.